HDR Photography

While HDR photography has been around for a few years, few people understand what it is and even fewer know how to properly use it. Many photographers use it to create an "illusion" of what the actual photo was to begin with.

The process is simple, photos are taken in a "3 series burst, normal, over-exposed and under-exposed. Computer software combines and aligns the 3 photos to create the HDR product, and allows us to individually adjust the 3  photos to bring out any shadows and to soften harshness from sunlight and interior illumination. The overall product is a much clearer photo, highlighting wood grain, granite, ceramic tile and overall making your property's photos "pop".

The important thing is that when photos are processed, we attempt to keep them "photo-realistic", not over stylized so that when prospective buyers visit your properties in person, they do not feel deceived by what they have seen on the Internet.

Below are a series of HDR photos, taken over the last week from various properties. See for yourself the difference HDR photography and  processing makes.

While we offer photography only packages, photos are FREE when we film your home, be it the Walking Tour, Combo Package, Ultimate Combo Package or One-Of-A-Kind Custom Work. Click the thumbnails below to see examples of HDR photography.

Whether you have a new listing, or an old listing you need to breathe a little life into, we invite you to call and schedule your virtual tour today. The numbers appear above, and remember, when we film your properties, the HDR photography is FREE!




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